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Where is Waitr Holding Inc.’s corporate headquarters?
Lafayette, Louisiana
What is Waitr Holding Inc.'s ticker symbol?
On which exchange is Waitr Holding Inc. traded?
When did Waitr Holding Inc. go public?
Waitr Holdings Inc. (f/k/a Landcadia Holdings, Inc.), a publicly traded company formed for the purpose of effecting a business combination, completed its acquisition of Waitr Inc. (f/k/a Waitr Incorporated) on November 15, 2018.
How can I purchase shares of Waitr Holding Inc.?
You must contact a registered broker to invest in the common stock of ASAP.
Does Waitr Holding Inc. pay a dividend on its stock?
When does Waitr Holding Inc.'s fiscal year end?
December 31st
Who is Waitr Holding Inc.'s transfer agent?
Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Who is Waitr Holding Inc.'s independent auditor?
Moss Adams, LLP
Where is Waitr Holding Inc. incorporated?
What is Waitr Holding Inc.'s CUSIP number?
930752 209
What is Waitr Holding Inc.'s SIC number?
How do I contact Investor Relations?